Install entree using the SharePoint app

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  1. Download the SharePoint app file.
  2. Upload the file in the SharePoint AppCatalog (video explanation)
    1. The SharePoint AppCatalog is often placed at this location :
  3. Create a Classic SharePoint Site Collection from the SharePoint Admin Center (screenshot).
    Creation of a SharePoint Site can take up to 5 minutes.  

Install the Entree App

  1. Go to Site Contents in the newly created site. 
  2. Select ‘New’ and choose ‘App’ (screenshot 2)
  3. Search and choose the ‘meetroo entree free’ app
  4. A pop-up will appear to ask if you trust our application. Press 'trust it' if you trust us to be trustworthy. For your information: all information used and stored by the entree app stays within your Office 365 tenant. 
    We will not see your data, never. 
  5. Wait approximately 2 minutes for the application to install (sometimes this will be faster, sometimes slower 😉).

Rolling out the Entree functionalities 

  1. Click on 'meetroo entree free' within Site Content.  
  2. You will now seen a screen with a "GO" button. Click on it. 
  3. The necessary lists and sites will now be created within Sharepoint. When this is done, entree will start. 
  4. This finalises the installation process. Register for the free user license and activate the product. Now you can start your journey of getting more out of your Office 365 product. And increase your efficiency in your daily work actions. Enjoy! 

Please feel free to give us feedback by using the feedback button in the bottom right of the app. 

PS. If you intend to use Entree on a mobile device we advise you to change the viewport setting in SharePoint. Go to Enter viewport settings to improve SharePoint responsiveness

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